Sports Quiz | MCQs on Sports General Knowledge

Sports Quiz MCQs on Sports General Knowledge
This Sports Quiz consists of the following questions:
1. Which is the official reference language of IOC (International Olympic Committee)?
2. The term “Dolphin Kick” is associated with which of the following games?
3. What was the name of the Commonwealth Games from the year 1930 to 1950?
4. Who was the “player of the series” in the 2011 Cricket World Cup, in which India won its second world cup champion title?
5. Which sport’s competition is known as the “Thomas Cup”?
6. Who becomes the first cricketer who has hit the six sixes in an over in One Day Internation (50-50) cricket?
7. Triples is a new format of which sport .....?
8. Who did novak Djokovic defeated to win his ninth Australian Open championship 2021 and 18th Grand Slam title?
9. Who is the only Indian athlete to win a gold medal at the IAAF 2018 World U20 Championships?
10. Who was the first Indian Woman to get an Olympic medal?
11. In which year, the first Limited over International (One Day International (ODI)) cricket match was held?
12. Where are the headquarters of Badminton Association of India?
13. Grand Slam tournaments are operated by ......
14. When did World Badminton Federation cease to operate?
15. In which year, the first Youth Olympic Games was held?
16. When was the International World Games Association founded?
17. After whose name is the domestic cricket championship Ranji Trophy named?
18. The famous C.K. Naidu Trophy is associated with which sport?
19. Who is the top goal-scorer of English Premier League?
20. Which male tennis player won the most number of Grand Slam tournaments?
please choose the most appropriate answer from the given options with each questions.

Sports Quiz | MCQs on Sports General Knowledge

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