Free JAIIB MOCK Test - Principles and Practices of Banking Quiz 1

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Following Questions are included in this Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB) Mock Test:
1. Insurance Business in India is Controlled by which of the following:
2. Mutual Fund Business in India is controlled by which of the following:
3. Promissory note is defined in which section of NI (Negotiable Instrument) act?
4. Cheque and Bill of Exchange are respectively defined in which sections of NI (Negotiable Instrument) act?
5. Crossing on Cheque is a direction of …….. ?
6. Payment in due course is defined under which section of NI act?
7. The right of set-off of a banker has been conferred on the banks in which of the following:
8. In a public limited company, maximum and minimum no. of shareholders is:
9. When a cheque is drawn on a bank, the bank is called …………
10. As per the provisions of NI Act, 1881 a banker gets protection for payment of a cheque only if it is a:

Now lets get into the Mock test. Don't forget to review your answers at the end of this quiz.

JAIIB PPB - Principles and Practices of Banking Quiz 1

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