Indian Financial System Quiz | JAIIB Mock Test PPB

Indian Financial System Quiz | JAIIB Mock Test PPB

JAIIB Mock Test on Indian Financial System

This mock test of JAIIB from the topic Indian Financial System consists of the following multiple choice questions:
Bank Rate means the rate of interest:
Increase in the Bank Rate is likely to lead to a------------------ in interest rates of banks.
RBI has direct supervision over depositories and mutual funds:
Monetary control is exercised through Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquidity Ratio.
Primary dealers mainly deal in shares, mutual fund units etc.
Issue and servicing of government debt is managed by commercial banks.
The decrease in Statutory Liquidity Ratio contracts the credit creation:
Depositories hold securities in form:
Cash Reserve Ratio is the deposit to be held by Banks with RBI:
The provide clearing house facilities for netting of payments and securities delivery:
Urban Cooperative Banks are controlled by:
New and re-issuable notes are stored in --------------- maintained by banks as---------------- of RBI.
Leasing, hire purchase and bill discounting are the domain of:
What rate of interest is allowed by RBI on CRR balances w.e.f. 1.4.2007:
The Reserve Bank of India performs the supervisory function under the guidance of the ___.

JAIIB Mock Test on Indian Financial System

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August 07, 2022




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